This website will explore the many adventures that await travelers coming to our historic Gold Country.
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Wine is California’s number one finished agricultural product in retail value, and its production ranks fourth in the world. Our rural airports play important roles in the success of our wine industry.
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September 21st to December 20th, , 2016
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FAA appoints
new safety
offices for
UAV treats
The Federal Aviation Administration, known as the FAA wants to gets serious about stemming the threat of UAVs mixing in airspace with general aviation and airline traffic.

To help in their fight, the agency has appointed two new executives to head its UAS Integration Office.

The FAA has reported a sharp rise in encounters by individuals acting as pilot in command flying UAVs in airspace reserved for licensed pilots who fly general, commercial, and military aircraft.
Travelers are advised to be vigilant
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At Rock Creek Inn, we have 6 quaint rooms. Our vision is to create a place for you that is unique to lodging in the area; a place for relaxation and retreat with the availability of modern amenities
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Travelers are being advised to be more vigilant against terrorist attack especially during the holidays.

Here is what we need to do in the Sierra gold county to be more vigilant. Intelligence experts believe that this is the best time for terrorist to attack.

They are saying that mass public transport systems and holiday resorts are both prime targets. Both are easy to attack and difficult to defend and both could lead to mass casualties and major disruption.
In the gold country, Highway 49 is the major highway along the western slope of the Sierra. The "Forty-niners" roots trace the path traveler took searching for gold.

Our gold country is living history and you can explore the many building along your way. Our rural airports in most cases are time capsule to an earlier time. Most have not change much over the years. They are not like the major airports that have commercial flights. Rural airports feel much like traveling back in time.
What's In this Issue?
Why is there
an airport in
my backyard?
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Signs Medical
Reform into
Why is there an airport
in my backyard?
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FAA Appoints New Safety
Offices for UAV treats
Travelers are advised
to be vigilant
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Columbia Airport
June 17-19, 2016
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The information in Rural Airport News is for entertainment only.
Do not use any information for flight operations.
On July 15, President Obama signed third class medical reform into law as part of the 2016 FAA extension bill passed by Congress.

Under the old law, a pilot in-command of a general aviation aircraft had to pass a Federal Aviation Flight physical examination by a specially appointed medical examiner to qualify for a third-class medical certificate every two years. Under the new law, a pilot will need to get a medical certificate and will be required to take a physical only one-time.
Obama Signs
Medical Reform
Rural airports are located in smaller communities and play an important role in tourism.